Hulk-like muscle men are a main feature in Czech artist Vojtěch Kovařík's work. Working on huge canvases, Vojtěch's larger-than-life figures are depicted locked in combat and seem to strain against the edges of the composition while they tussle against each other. Their veined flesh and bulging bodies, paintied in shades of emotive colours stand out against the flat colours or patterns of the background. Vojtěch use a technique of spray paint and acrylic to achieve the mottled skin tones and textures that characterise his work. For him, the body and great slabs of flesh and muscle offer infinite artistic interest, whereas the face, limbs and all other features of his figures are rendered in a brusque stylised shorthand. The contrast between these styles creates a brutal naivety, and an unlikely charm and sense of playfulness. The tone of his work sways ambiguosly between violence and silliness. These giant men, fragrantly flauting their masculinity, are in fact caricatures, ridiculous, objects of curiosity. Figures from Greek mythology and imagined and real animals also appear in Vojtěch's paintings as well as pop culture references. - Layla Leiman


Vojtěch Kovařík (B. 1993 Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic)

Works in Rožnov p. Radh. (CZ)

2016 - 2019 / Master's degree at the Faculty of Arts of the Ostrava University(CZ), Drawing Studio
2017 / Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (PL), Department of Painting (study abroad)
2013 - 2016 / Bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Arts of the Ostrava University(CZ), Drawing Studio
2009 - 2013 / Secondary school of Applied Arts in Uherské Hradiště (CZ), Department of Ceramic Design

coming soon
26th February 2020 / Arco (Art Fair) with L21 Gallery (ES)
27th February 2020 / solo exhibition "Hidden Garden", Galerie Derouillon, Paris (FR)

solo exhibitions (selected)
2019 / Capture Hypothesis, The Cabine, Los Angeles (USA)
2019 / Lovers and Fighters, Public Gallery, London (UK)
2019 / Landscapes of Muscle, Galerie Dukla, Ostrava (CZ)
2019 / Heaven Hell Paradise, Galerie města Třince, Třinec (CZ)
2019 / Temple of Doom, Berlínskej Model, Praha (CZ)
2018 / ARMAGEDON, Galerie OFF/FORMAT, Brno (CZ)

group exhibitions (selected)

2020 / Art Rotterdam (Art Fair) with Hero Amsterdam Gallery (NL)

2019 / A Private Matter, LM Gallery, Latina (IT)
2019 / A Snake Without A Head Is Just A Rope, Sim Smith, London (UK)
2019 / Bracia, 18a Gallery, Warsaw (PL)
2019 / Contemporary Visions 2019, Beers London Gallery, London (UK)
2019 / 12th Prize of Art Critique for Young Painting , Galerie Kritiků, Praha(CZ)
2018 / 4 + 4 Days In Motion, Desfourský palác, Praha (CZ)
2018 / Tales of Talent, Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg (DK)
2017 / Temporary Storeroom - Drawing: Case Study 2, PLATO Ostrava, Ostrava (CZ)

2019 / Winner of 12th Prize of Art Critique for Young Painting, Galerie Kritiků, Praha (CZ)

2020 / The Fores Project (London, UK)
2019 / L21 Gallery x Camper (Palma, Mallorca)
2019 / Danny First (Los Angeles, CA)

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